A Winning Strategy!

Part reuse is a win-win-win scenario for an organization, its employees and its customers.   After all…, who doesn’t want the company to save thousands or even tens-of-thousands of dollars each time it avoids putting a redundant part into production.  But normally, employees lack the tools needed to smooth the adoption of a part reuse culture. 

Reusing parts

      is good!


But reuse initiatives often stress employees because reuse requires change to existing workflow. 

Software tools can alleviate friction and speed-up the adoption of a reuse culture, as well as reinforce adherence to reuse policies.

When search tools are integrated into existing workflows they automate search and awareness.
Even when the correct mix of tools and incentives are in place, managers also need tools for monitoring and reinforcing adherence to reuse policies.   
Adoption is accelerated when search tools are accurate and do not distract users with clutter. 

Automation Dives Adoption

Adviser Live-Search is a CAD integration toolkit that embeds search into the existing workflow. Adviser allows designers to maintain their normal workflow but still enables part reuse with automation. 


One limitation of part reuse initiatives is accountability.  Managers are responsible for achieving part reuse goals, but lack the time and tools to oversee adherence to reuse policies.

Adviser's New Models Report is a companion module which provides a failsafe.  When models are complete, Sentry reviews the models for similarity, and issues a New Models Report for managers, automatically alerting them to situations where a reuse opportunity may have been missed or ignored. 

       If a designer missed, or even ignored a reuse opportunity, 
   how would I know?

Working in Concert

Adviser - Live Search and New Models Report work at both end of the design phase ....

integration that  
  drives awareness
    and adoption,
       and automation 
    that drives