The Power of CADSEEK Polaris Built into Microsoft Excel. 

The CADSEEK plug-in for Microsoft Excel provides the same search results as Polaris, but in a browser-based application. 

The plug-in combines the analytical power of Excel with CADSEEK's shape search capability with attribute filtering. 

For Excel power-users, the CADSEEK plug-in  provides the convenience of not  having to export search results from Polaris as a first step for analysis and avoids needing any knowledge for using CAD, PLM or even CADSEEK software. 

Excel Screenshot.PNG

Getting Started

Analysis is started with a text-search.  Each matching model and all CADSEEK meta-data can then be loaded into the Excel sheet. 

From there, any combination of shape and attribute sorting can be performed.

Since many business metrics such as cost, price, process and performance are correlated with shape, Excel becomes a useful way to find anomalies and outliers that should be investigated, e.g., 

Why do these two aluminum have a 98.5% similarity in shape but a 23% variance in cost? 

Compare Feature

The Excel plug-in even features a compare function.