​Watch how CADSEEK Mobile can search engineering models using a photo of a part. 

If a picture is worth a

thousand words...

Inventory often loses its identity, whether in an assembly plant, distribution center or especially in the field.  Too often these situations lead to scrapping perfectly good parts, or time wasted playing detective. 

CADSEEK Mobile provides an efficient solution, using smart phone or tablet photos to not only identify the part, but also to retrieve potential substitutes. 

CADSEEK Mobile doesn't utilize some stock database of images, but instead works directly with your CAD library, allowing far greater accuracy, convenience and efficiency. 

What is this?

CADSEEK Mobile is a smart phone or tablet application.

The photo is matched to CAD to identify the part and retrieve similar models. 

And Mobile can even match STL files for 3D printing.


Demonstration Video

Use Case Video


Use Cases for CADSEEK Mobile


Inventory at assembly plants, warehouses and distribution centers often gets orphaned, and field service or parts counter personnel are often put in the role of detective to determine the identity of parts with only sketchy information on model numbers or year of manufacture.  

CADSEEK Mobile identifies the part by matching 2D photos to 3D models. 


Mobile not only identifies a part, but also simultaneously searches for any that are highly similar.  In  time critical situations, identical designs with different materials, different finishes or even ones that need slight modification may be desired in order to get machines back up and running quickly. 



As 3D printing quickly evolves from a rapid prototyping technique to a robust manufacturing technology, many organizations are planning its use for delivery of service parts. 

CADSEEK Mobile provides a critical link by creating a direct path between a photo of a part and the STL model needed for the 3D printer. 

The future of service parts is already here!

Broken Part


Search Options

Smartphone and Tablet Photos

Hand Drawn Sketches




Any CAD format including neutral formats such as STEP, IGES and STL. 


The Mobile shape signature format, along with the STL format, are known to be non-invertible allowing secure management of IP even when third-parties may be involved in the 3D printing process. 


While a single image is usually sufficient, Mobile allows the use of up to three images to identify a part.  


It is often necessary to take images of parts while they are still installed.  Mobile helps users eliminate the background elements and focus on the part.  


Rough part dimensions can be input to filter matches.


Mobile can be integrated to extend a search directly into Polaris for CAD model inspection and more intensive searching.