What duplicate parts can be consolidated ...

Where  are the best opportunities to develop a standard design...

How much part duplication exists with this acquired company ...

Should these aluminum parts that are 98% similar have a cost that varies by   37% ... 

Which one of our engineers has the most experience designing parts like this ...

The BIG Picture

iSEEK provides CADSEEK Analytics as a service, either directly or via your favorite service provider.  

  • develop a project road map to understand or validate the scope of work that needs to be performed,

  • create data to drive projects, such as eliminating redundancy, standardization, merging acquisition data, data cleansing and data migration, and

  • audit work performed by employees or consultants. 

Please see the Analytics page of this website, or our white paper for more information on Analytics reports, features and use cases. 

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Sample Analytics Similarity Report

Analytics Brochure

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White Paper - Applying Analytics to Engineering Data